On our second day in Nice, France, we decided to see Castle Hill, popular for its view of the beachside city.


Getting off Place Garibaldi






Adult invasion in the playground


On Castle Hill


“Elton John lives here somewhere”


Overlooking the Old Town and beachside


“I want a picture here”

We started out early morning, taking the tram from Place Massena to the Old Town Area. Then we walked all the way up the hill. Yup, and my six-year old daughter didn’t complain one bit.¬†Once in a while we would take a break¬†from the ascent to enjoy the view of the city.

Atop the hill we took photos, then ate crepe lunch al fresco at a simple (but quite expensive) restaurant. Luckily, there was also a huge play ground on the hill, so my daughter had playtime as a reward.

While she and other kids were busy climbing and playing, there came a group of grown-ups training and started sharing the play area with them. The kids were surprised with the adult invasion.

Going back down, we walked past a waterfall, and an old cemetery that was actually worth seeing.

As we reached the foot of the hill, we were puzzled. Did we see the castle on Castle Hill? How in the world could we have missed a huge castle?!

It turned out, there was not much castle left, but a ruin. And that we missed. Well, never mind, we had fun taking it easy and just enjoying the view of Promenade des Anglais, and the port of Nice.