Going “home” to Hotel Boreal


Place Massena’s glow-in-the-dark statues


Wonderful ladies serve at Blandine.


Zigzagging through the Old Town


Seafood is best in Nice


Between Place Massena and Promenade de Anglais


Outside National Theatre


Promenade de Paillon


Checkered Place Massena



Nice is the second most popular French city after Paris.

Nice is also called Nice la belle, which means Nice the Beautiful. A deserving name for a beautiful city.

These were the places we’ve been at in Nice:

1. Castle Hill 

2. Promenade du Paillon

3. Promenade de Anglais and of course relaxing at the beach.

4. The Old Town

5. Place Massena

6. Place Garibladi

7. Port of Nice

8- Cours Saleya

9. Good friday mass in French at St Martin Church

10. National Theatre

11. Shopping district and Nicetoile.

Regarding food, we ate a lot of crépe to have a taste of French. I wanted to eat snails, escargot, which I ate a lot of in Paris, but it wasn’t available in the restaurants we visited. Then I read that every city or regions has its speciality. The French Riviera has seafood as speciality, not escargot. So I started ordering seafood – and they were heavenly!

We roamed the city for two complete days, then for the rest of the Easter Week, we went to nearby cities such as Antibes, Cannes, Ezze and Grasse in France as well as Monte Carlo in Monaco. But every evening, we came back to our hotel in Nice.

When we were in Nice, got introduced to bags by Barbara Rihl. They are really nice with illustrations, for the traveling  modern lady.