Eze view

View from Jardin d’ Ezé

Walt Disney and I have one thing in common: we both love Eze in France. I fell in love with it at first glance, the moment I held my chin high to spot the medieval town that’s perched on a hilltop.

Eze, also called Eagle’s nest because of its location, has a magnificent view of the sea.

Jardin d’Ezé
As I stood in the garden, Jardin d’ Eze, I imagined ancient times when Phoenicians crossed the Mediterranean Sea, found Eze, and built a temple for Isis. There is an ankh, an Egyptian cross, in the church as a proof of the Phoenician visit.

Eze garden

While I romanticized about Eze, my six-year old loved zigzagging through the garden filled with cacti and succulents. Hubby took pictures by the thousands.

Met Luc Villard
There are many boutiques with handmade products and art. So we visited some, found our favorites, and bought some items.

The painters we met, Barbara Blanche and Luc Villard, were very accommodating. And we liked their paintings, especially Luc’s abstracts.

Eze painter guy

With Luc Villard

Somehow I regret that I did not buy a wide-brimmed Italian hat, but you see, my rule is that I only buy stuffs made from the country that I visit.

Unforgettable toilet experience
Then came the need to visit the restroom. We needed coins, but we didn’t have any. The gentleman ahead of me in the short queue offered a coin, and I accepted it. But then when he came out of the toilet and it was my turn, I felt that I could get in the toilet anyway and left his coin back to him.

That was mistake. I should’ve kept his coin.

Eze steps

My daughter in her Ezé-made jacket

Because when I got in the toilet, the light turned off, a spray went off (to clean the cubicle) and to my great shock, the wall behind me opened to swallow in the toilet bowl and out came another! And everything happened in a fog, because the water spraying still went on!

I screamed, I was wet on the lower part of my black-and- white dress and rushed out, only to see that people around the toilet stared alertly at me, probably wondering what went on.

-Make sure to use coins! was all that I said.

I didn’t feel so much like a diva after that. More like a sorry wet cat. Luckily, I managed to pee before the commotion began. 😉