Swedes prefer to travel within Europe, based on an article I have read today in newspaper Metro. USA is their choice for non-European destination.

The survey by Rese- and turisdatabasen, TDB, says:

Only 12 percent of the Swedes’ winter trips are outside Europe. And 29 percent of such trips are headed for the USA.

Top 10 destinations for Swedes:

1. Denmark (around 3 million travelers)
2. Spain (over 2 million)
3. Finland (almost 2 million)
4. Norway (1,5 million)
5. Germany ( over a million)
6. Great Britain (a little over a million)
7. Turkey (740 000)
8. France (680 000)
9. Italy (672 000)
10. USA (647 000)

 New popular destinations are: West Indies, Canary Islands and Cape Verde

Right now these are destinations that scare Swedes away: 

Thailand ( because of the military coup in May 2014)
Egypt (due to the revolution 2011)
West Africa (for the ongoing Ebola epidemic.)