I admit that my curiosity has made me try some new taste – but never our own pets! And not animals that are endangered or suffered cruelty just to end up on my plate!

But here are some dishes that I confess I tried BEFORE the world was informed that these were no-nos to eat. I repeat no-no!

Shark fin soup. The Chinese emperors’ soup that signifies wealth. The dish started in the late 1300s. Later, it was only served on special events like weddings. Then some men started believing it gave sexual potency.

In modern days. the soup was served as delicacy at restaurants, until the word was spread that shark population has declined because of shark finning. In 2013, shark fins are not trendy anymore – not even in China (although I’ve seen one restaurant among many in Beijing, that has this in its menu.) I tried this in Märsta, Sweden.

Foie gras. That’s duck or goose liver fattened by force-feeding with the help of a feeding tube (my grandma had feeding tube in her last months of life).  This force-feeding method became a “french thing” but it actually originated in Egypt 2500 BC. In some countries like Spain, I’ve heard that the fattening of the bird’s liver was done naturally, but how can I be sure of that? That’s why no, I don’t eat this. Besides, the taste is eck, paté! I tried this in Paris, France.