I love fashion. But why limit the limelight just on western styles and brands? The asian products – very cheap, colorful and creative – are just as worthy the attention.

I can count every day the many people who bear a Louis Vuitton. But a bayong? In the whole world? Just a few. I guess people think it’s old style traditional, it’s not so fashionable, and what’s its status when it’s so cheap.  But fashionable is what we make it. Bear the bayong and the asian outfits with pride. They’re just as beautiful fashion statements.

T-shirt with a print of famous pinoy painter Juan Luna's work. Plus bayong.

T-shirt with Juan Luna’s work. Plus bayong.

The bayong.

The bayong. Photographer: Tuwa Lindström


Cambodian pants. Photographer: Evelyn Santiago


Cambodian pants Photographer: Evelyn Santiago