Beh BeachsideWe stayed at an old hotel called Sea Wind Resort when we were in Boracay. The service given to us was superb.

Hospitality at its best. The staffers took care of us the best way they could.

The resort is big, so it is split into two: the seaside, and the greener forest side.

The seaside was full, so we took the other area. It’s nice here, too. There’s a pool and the houses are nice with Filipiniana theme. But in the evening, it gets dark (it doesn’t have much light plus there are so many trees and bushes) that it scared me. It felt spooky, even in our room – so I had the lights turned on the whole time.

Beh BreakfastOtherwise, the whole stay was good. Hilot-massage in the room or at the beach every day. Hilot is a traditional Filipino massage. And a huge buffet breakfast near the beach.

There was not one boring moment on Boracay because the island offers different activities. Check my link about Boracay to see what I tried  and liked/disliked.