I am reacting against the anonymous writer who ridicules selfies, arguing that selfies do not make the world a better place.

According to him, there are already enough celebrities in the world, that there is no need for more narcissists showing off their faces.

I like selfies.

When nobody can take my photos when I want to show myself in a place I like, I take selfies.

Selfies are fun. And lucky are those who do what they think is fun.

Selfies is my protest against setting the limelight just on celebrities. Why shouldn’t my face and my friends’ faces and lives be as important as the world-famous ones? These are faces of real people who care about me, so of course I care! Nobody should dictate to me who I think is important or interesting enough. I need alternative people to  celebrate!

I do selfies to greet my friends hi – friends who are scattered all over the globe, a number of them genuinely curious about my latest haircut or dress.

And has anyone ever thought that selfies may be a protest against the Law of Jante, which still exists in Sweden?

I am tired of hiding under the shadow of Jante’s Law. So I protest through selfies. How long I will like doing it depends also on whether the next technique trend is more fun.