Bangkok, december 2013

Bangkok, december 2013

Today I remember the Thais, Vietnamese and Cambodians.

Let me tell you the good things I’ve experienced with them:

1. Thais are very loving towards kids. Whenever we took the train, somebody would always offer their seat for my five-year old daughter. At restaurants and boutiques, they were always playful with my daughter. The hotel staff hardly expected tip, although of course we gave them some, as appreciation of their hospitality.

2. In Vietnam I appreciate the taxi drivers. I think they are the most honest taxi drivers in the world. They never tried to jack up the price, but always used the taxi meter. Our hotel staff was also very helpful, doing their best to assist us.

3. In Cambodia, I would always remember the hotel manager who helped us when my daughter fell ill, and offered us free juice drinks, although we already checked out several hours earlier. Then the whole staff bid us warmly goodbye.

Thoughts of kind people make me feel good.