Reminds me of the Tomb Raiders now.

Reminds me of the film Tomb Raiders.

Ta Phrom is memorable because of its banyan trees which have grown over its walls and buildings.

Walking towards  Ta Phrom in Angkor Thom in December was breezy. We were protected us from the scorching sun by the surrounding jungle with thick tall trees.

The temple was built as a buddhist temple by Jayavarman VII, the same king whose face might have been model for the faces in Bayon.

In the past, the temple was called Rajavihara meaning “monastery of the king”.

Jayavarman VII built the temple to honor his family.

After the fall of the Khmer empire in the 1600s, the temple was abandoned.

Out of context, but nevertheless….1600’s…that’s around the time the Spanish invaders had established and started getting cozy in their colony in the Philippines (invasion started in the 1500s).

Beh Ta Phram 9

There was a kid who pooped in this area, and his parents didn’t try to pick up or cover the poop. They were tourists.