Today, newspaper DN wrote an article about a study that showed that kids who breastfeed long get higher intelligence, longer schooling and high-paying jobs. That made me laugh heartily.

My little one breastfed until she was three or four (when she had a set of milk teeth and talked about Anne Frank and nazis) and by jove, it felt embarrassing! We even got criticised many times by some people. It made me feel like a stupid mom. Sweden is a country where kids are taught to be independent as early as possible (say after a week from birth?) and mine seemed very primitive, as she already had milk teeth and talked – and still breastfed!

But my milk made my baby calm. Moreover, since we travel a lot, breastfeeding became a solution to many problems. She hardly had stomach problems, hardly cried in the plane, etcetera.

Now the agony of being criticised is over, and I am in fact relieved to see this article. Read DN.

But hey, I’m not saying that all mothers should breastfeed long. God knows, the procedure is hard and painful! It requires a lot of time and patience.

And I remember that during the first week, my right breast bled, got  infected and got really sore. So I had to breastfeed with one breast for almost three weeks.

And when the breasts were filled with milk, they were so heavy and big they felt like cracking. So I have total understanding for moms who cannot go through that.

Breastfeeding is not easy…Getting criticised is embarrassing…And pundits who always tell you what to do are totally irritating…That’s why I feel somehow rewarded by this research study.

And here’s another article in English.

When it comes to my parenting style, I don’t believe much in articles and books dictating families what to do. In the first place, families will always be different, and kids are totally different from each other. What works for one may not necessarily mean it will work for the rest of us.