Kalashnikov, or Kalash, or AK.

Kalashnikov, or Kalash, or AK.

I tagged along as authors Jimmy Lindgren och Peter Lindmark showed me where they took survival courses in a far off field in Rosersberg.

Jimmy Lindgren and Peter Lindmark have just completed their debut book, “Förrädare”,  an espionage thriller. Both are film makers. Peter Lindmark directed and wrote the screenplay for a couple of Johan Falk-films and “Rånarna”, where Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt starred.

They took a course from a company called 2secure in cooperation with Räddningsskolan Rosersberg.

This was the first time I see a kalashnikov and a home-made bomb. Albeit dummies.

The picture above is taken by moi during a smoke-in-a-house exercise. I wrote a reportage about survival courses in Rosersberg for our newspaper, Sigtunabygden/UNT.