Beh old townThe old neighborhood Kyrkbacken in Västerås is a charming hilly maze of winding alleys and wooden cottages. 

Each time we go to Dalarna, we pass by Västerås and take a walk in Kyrkbacken, one of the oldest neigborhoods in Västerås. We were there February 2015 and Easter 2014.

It’s near Rudbeckianska high school, which is the oldest secondary school in Sweden, and the medieval cathedral.

The neighborhood dates back 1600s. People who lived in the southern part of Kyrkbacken were church people, teachers and priests while the poor lived in the slums in the northern part.

Among the poor and despised who lived in the slums was the executioner, who was treated like an outcast.

Many died during the plague there in 1623.

A sad history really, but now that’s all forgotten. It’s a nice area to walk around in and enjoy small art galleries.