Me in my cat-bunny costume.

Me in my cat-bunny costume.

For my girl’s seventh birthday, we had Totoo the wizard at the party. 

We paid 2800 crowns to have him for an hour. He showed magic tricks for 30 minutes, and then blew balloon dogs and swords for the kids for the rest of the time.

My friend MJ said about Totoo Trollkarl: “He is much better than the one you had last year. He can also control the kids. Is he more expensive, too?”

“Yup,” I answered.

We appreciate the company of the other parents. They pitched in and served the ice-cream, kept the “peace” among kids, led the dance stop, handed out give-away presents,  prepared and cleared the table, among others.

After the party, we cleaned up the rented cottage at Hannebergsparkens fritidshus in Solna. We paid 500 crowns for the day.

Later, we ordered McDonalds for dinner. This was the easiest party we had so far…I think we are getting better at controlling stressful kids’ parties :-).

Sometimes I hear people criticise parents who order entertainers for kids’ parties. That having entertainers is equivalent to bragging about one’s economy.

Perhaps some parents brag. But that doesn’t count us. We are simply a reserved family, and having an entertainer helps us focus on other things.