These are the countries I have seen in my 40+ years of life. 

Philippines, my homeland. Sweden, my adopted country. Singapore, the very first country I visited back in 1992, through a youth exchange program, SSEAYP.

And here were the other countries I visited in 1992: Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and Japan.

After that, I thought I would never travel again. I would look at planes flying above and sigh. But then I got the chance to live in Malaysia in 1994-1995 as PR for an international fashion school. I visited Singapore and Thailand several times

Soon I started traveling around as luxury wife – in Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Denmark and Germany.

I became a reporter in the middle east 1998-2000 and lived in Oman, and visited UAE many times. I also wrote about Thailand, UAE and the Philippines, besides featuring the landscapes and tourist sites in Oman.

Since I got permanent reporter job in Sweden I travel at least six times a year. Been to Nigeria and the Philippines to make several radio documentaries and a newspaper article. I visit the Philippines every year to see my family.

I was in Estonia for my honeymoon.

We were in the USA in a total of two months in 2012 and 2013.

Visited Great Britain, Norway,  Qatar, China (many times), Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Hungary, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Holland (three times), Monaco, Poland.

And hubby’s family has a summer place in Finland, which we frequently visit.

A total of 36 countries. And I still want to see more. I want to be like Pope John Paul II, that is, to see 129 countries.