Beh Park cross

The cross at Pilsudski square

Day 2 in Warsaw, morning: Visited Pilsudski square, earlier called the Saxon square.

It is the largest square in Warsaw, though I was not so impressed. Squares are quite boring. Just huge empty concrete areas. I’ve seen the biggest square in the world in Beijing, and not even that excited me.

But Pilsudski square is important for the poles. This is where military commemorations take place. It was where the late Pope John Paul II held a mass in 1979. And foreign representations occur there, too.

Beh Park flowersWe took a look at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is actually a tribute to many unknown soldiers who were killed in World War I and the Polish-Soviet War. Everywhere in Poland, there are many such tombs erected after World War I.

There’s a song by the Bangles called “Eternal Flame”. In this tomb, there is such a thing as eternal flame. The honor guards make sure that the flame is eternally lit.

On the pillars of the tomb are stone tablets with names of soldiers.

Saxon Garden. In the background is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Saxon Garden. In the background is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

There was once a palace in this site, but it’s gone now, dynamited in World War II. So the tomb used to be a part of what used to be the Saxon Palace.

There are plans to reconstruct the palace, but that still cannot be initiated due to budget problems that started with the global economic crisis 2008.

Good luck, Poland.

(PS One of the honor guards was cute, and I had a good eyeball-to-eyeball contact with him. Oops! Am I supposed to mention that here? wink, wink).