I was too curious, too intruiged by the red light district in Amsterdam.

It was not all the sleazy atmosphere that was often associated with prostitution. There were buildings with huge windows Рlike shops Рexcept that plump women in skimpy clothes (actually just underwear) adorned the display windows.

The ladies tried to catch attention, especially men they seemed to like.

We were warned not to take photos in this district. The ladies’ enforcers could grab our cameras and throw them into the canal. But okay, out of respect we were not at all intending to take photos. It would feel like taking a photo of an art model when she’s in a pose.

I took a shot of the signboard of the museum (picture above) and a man who seemed like an enforcer detected me and checked me out from a distance. He saw that I just took a single shot of the museum and probably thought that I was pretty harmless.

There are many museums of prostitution in this district. As though there were not enough information…