The cottage where wool products are sold


These barns turn into christmas markets


Kids love the sheep


My own Little Bo Peep

The cute woolly sheep is the main attraction, the celebrities at Överjärva Gård in Solna.

Families flock here to see newborn sheep, pay 20 crowns per person to go and touch the sheep and spend some time with them. For me it’s worth it when I see my six-year old daughter looking like Little Bo Peep.

The place is a mecca for people in Solna looking for a place to celebrate swedish holidays. In christmas, it has traditional markets complete with bonfire, in midsummer it has the midsummer pole and activities. I’ve never been here on Easter though.

There’s a coffee shop, a museum (that should be booked for entrance), a huge forest to walk into, and kids can ride a pony (my daughter loves this, too!).

One time in the month of June, my daughter’s bestfriend celebrated her birthday here. Then there’s access to a teepee and pony riding and picnic out in the forest. I think that was a fun party.