I loved Mode Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Modern, good service, chic. Worthy of me!IMG_2056 IMG_2087 IMG_2076 IMG_2062 IMG_2097

I liked the atmosphere already as we entered.

We didn’t have thai baht when we came, so when we got into the room I told the bellboy: “Sorry, we don’t have cash yet so we can’t tip you yet.”

And he said it was no problem. The look on his face was genuine. Then he showed us around, where things are in our room, etcetera. Not that it was difficult to find our way in the room, but there were several lights, and dimmed ones, too. He problably just wanted to show us the tricks on which switch could turn which lamp. Even the bathroom has dimmers.

Our room was colorfully nice with a view of the city’s skysrapers. The bathroom was huge with a modern bathtub by the huge window.

There were different restaurants, luxurious with good food and great service. I especially loved the swimming area – where I was offered a yellow watermelon! It was the first time I’ve ever seen that, I see mostly green.

There weren’t so many customers, though. The bar was empty when we came and left. I would’ve liked a livelier mood in the bar.

The hotel is near Blue Elephant Restaurant, which offers royal thai cuisine. The hotel is located in a business district.