I love Pad thai, especially when it's cheap!

I love Pad thai, especially when it’s cheap!


Siam Center


Blue Elephant Restaurant


Longan juice tastes like soysauce with cola



From Happy Meal

From Happy Meal


Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination citites. Here are the places where we dined and shopped:

  • Siam Center in Bangkok is huge, with restaurants, shopping and Siam Ocean World, which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast asia.Siam Center is one of the first shopping malls in Bangkok, built in 1973. It underwent renovation through the years, ergo the modern look.
    We were here for almost a day, starting with breakfast and checking some shops and then the ocean park which took almost the whole afternoon.
  • Streetfood! But we remembered to buy food that was being grilled or cooked on the spot. And the fruits were cheap and good.
  • MBK Center. Prices here were even cheaper. And I had never seen so many fake Michael Kors bags in all my life! They looked very authentic, too! I didn’t buy though. I don’t like buying fake.
  • Blue Elephant Restaurant: our hotel Mode Sathorn Hotel happened to be located right across Blue Elephant Restaurant, so we dropped by. It was worth it! The thai cuisine was authentic, delicious, the atmosphere is nice and yes, the experience was expensive. I should’ve been nicely dressed when I was here. Not that it was required, but since the place was nice and the other guests were nicely-dressed, I should’ve been more fashionable when I was here – just for the kick of fitting in.
  • Terminal 21: I love this shopping mall! Every level has a theme and even the toilets in every level are worth seeing!
  • Jim Thompson House for quality thai silk. Read this link: http://www.sarimanok.se/?p=914