Bangkok pagoda

Chedis, or mounds

Bangkok buddhas

Wat Pho houses a thousand buddhas

Bangok god2

Reclining buddha

Bangkok collection 2

108 bronze bowls

“Wat Pho is closed because it is the king’s birthday”, said “tour guides” standing in the street.

Obligatory robe

Obligatory robe

They offered an alternative destination. I am glad hubby said no. It turned out they were duping us into taking alternative destinations – a visit to handicraft shops. But Wat Pho was actually open! Nasty.

Anyway, we walked all the way to Wat Pho, to avoid conniving “tour guides”. It was a warm day, not so easy for my five-year old! We carried her now and then on our backs. Carro, 64-year old and might grandpa and hubby took turns. I was too exhausted to help.

But we forgot our tiredness when we finally saw the buddhist temple Wat Pho, the birthplace of traditional thai massage, the house of the giant reclining buddha and thousand other buddhas showing yoga positions.