The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. Knowing that people would flock it and we were towing our five-year old daughter, we went to the palace right before it opened – and even then the queue was long!Grand Palace 5 Grand Palace 4 Grand Palace 3 Grand Palace 2Grand Palace 7 Grand Palace 6Grand Palace Grand Palace door

But we got in after thirty minutes of waiting. We were prepared with water – thank goodness because it was so hot in Bangkok!

The Grand Palace is a huge complex of buildings, we decided to follow the path leading us towards the glittering golden spires of the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

It was not so easy to get in, since there were many people flocking it. So we decided to wait in the courtyard where there were traditional thai pavilions. We walked around, checking out the architecture.

I remembered the musical “The King and I” with Yule Brynner because here was the location of the real-life Siam kingdom that was the setting of that film.

The musical was based on a novel, which in turn was derived from a memoir of a governess to the children of the Siam king Mongkut. Oh I could imagine hearing the Siam king’s children learning English within the walls of the palace.

When it seemed that people stopped gushing in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, then we went for it. As in the other temples in Bangkok, we also had to remove our shoes. As we entered we saw the many praying shoeless men. I felt the stench of high concentration odor of smelly, sweaty feet.

It gave me a headache, I felt dizzy, too. Most people in the temple bent and prayed to the small dark green Buddha (that is actually made of jade instead of emerald), but I could not stay much longer due to the odor.