Reminds me of the house of “Mme Oisseau”


At the National Theater


Late evening food: Chinese


Wooden playground


Inside a whale


Two-tiered carousel near Promenade de Anglais


Between Place Massena and Promenade de Anglais


At the National Theater


Water mirror


The checkered Place Massena

We went to the coastline French Riviera on Easter week 2014. The Riviera is popular – the place boasts of 300 days of sunshine per year!

Our base was in Nice, France. A city that was once Italian. We loved it, the atmosphere, the parks and the sea.

The moment we arrived at the airport, I noticed that tourists flashed signature belts, accessories and clothes (and probably shoes, but I didn’t bother scrutinizing).

We took it easy on the first day. We stayed at Hotel Boreal, which is less than a minute away from the shopping mall Nice Etoile on Avenue Jean Médecin.

We had to entertain our six-year old daughter, so right after a crépe dinner we were searching like mad for playgrounds. Lucky us, we happened to discover Promenade du Paillon – a park that was inaugurated in October 2013 and took ten years to build! But it is a lovely park! Children loved playing in the “water mirror” and its fountains, the “foggy area” and the wooden playgrounds.

We parents sat on the grass and just enjoyed tha laid back atmosphere. From what I heard, the area used to be a river bed that was covered up and transformed into this modern park. (For an interesting background, check this link to a blog: The French Riviera Blog by Kevin Hin.)

Later I left hubby and my daughter to sneak away and check out some high-end shops, which were near Place Massena.

My favorite shop though was Louis Vuitton. Not because it’s the king of bags. But because the guy who assisted me, Vincent I think was his name, was very helpful, patient and friendly.

I went to the other stores nearby but none were as classy and friendly as he.

Vincent wore white gloves as he held and handed me bags. He talked to me as though I were Audrey Hepburn. So just as Audrey Hepburn loves Tiffany’s, I love Louis Vuitton. Anybody who ever watched “Breakfast at Tiffany'”s would know what I mean.