Bangkok Post review described the cultural show Siam Niramit as a feast for the eyes. I totally agree.Bangkok show 7 Bangkok show1 Bangkok Show2 Bangkok show 8 Bangkok show5 Bangkok Show6

Siam Niramit is a fantastic cultural performance which has achieved international standard. It’s world class.

We paid around 1800 baht per person for a buffet dinner and a standard seat, that’s just around 300 crowns, and it was worth it! The food may not be so fabulous, but it was good enough, and there was plenty enough to choose from.

There was also a cultural heritage village, where we walked around, checking out the traditional houses representing different regions, checking out handicraft and tasting thai snacks.

We rode an elephant, and paid around 100 baht person. We also fed the elephant – I couldn’t remember though for how much.


My five-year old kid’s  unforgettable memory about riding the elephant was when it refused to walk – because it had to poop! Oh big chunks of scat fell and it smelled, too. My kid loved it!

We rode a boat in the man-made “village lake” for a fee of around 40 baht. Best to have cash when visiting here.

We met Thais in special costumes. We even tried costumes ourselves! Once again, we had to pay a little sum of money.

My five year-old kid loved the cultural village.

The grand finale was the show inside the luxuriously huge theatre which could seat for 2000 people.

There were 150 performers and the stage was big enough to have a pond where actors could paddle around.

The hotel arranged for a van that could pick my family from the hotel to Siam Niramit and back. We were very well taken care of.