About Sarimanok

Beh outside angkor wat Sarimanok is a magical, colorful bird in the Philippines.

Sarimanok is my alter ego. I’d like to see myself as true to one’s colours. I have become a moderate, ethical hedonist.

Sarimanok is my personal symbol for midlife liberation from religious obligations, social and cultural norms and even popular opinion.

And Sarimanok loves to travel.

I have wanted to travel and write since I was a kid. I started hopping islands in my homeland, the Philippines, since I was around 20, when I worked for PCYA, then the youth office of the Philippine president Corazon Aquino. Through this job I was sent abroad – via the Japanese-sponsored youth exchange program SSEAYP –  to learn the cultures of other southeast asian countries, as well as to show my own filipino culture.

Soon I left my country for good. I’ve worked abroad as a journalist in Oman – I traveled due to work. Now at mid-age in Sweden, I have the pleasure of traveling purely as a hobby.

I have lived in five countries. Seen over 200 cities in 36 countries. But I want to see more. I will see more. My blog is my personal progress report.

Footnote: I have another parallel blog, www.jeaninasantiago.com where I write about thinking creatively.