We ate near the pond for Tuwa's sake. Here's my aunt playing with her.

We ate near the pond for Tuwa’s sake. Here’s my aunt playing with her.

Anotonio’s in Tagaytay is a fine restaurant that serves expensive breakfast. It’s elegant and squeaky clean – the best place to faint 🙂

It feels exclusive – we were the only customers the time we visited. Or perhaps we were just the first to come that morning.

Since I knew it was going to be an expensive restaurant, I did not eat breakfast prior to the visit, even if my mom told me to eat something light. I should have listened, because it took some time to get to Antonio’s in Tagaytay  from Makati.

Preparing our order took also some time. While waiting, I suddenly felt dizzy due to hunger. I was back then breastfeeding my kid, and I needed food and energy fast!

I was so hungry and dizzy – and it was also very hot that day – that I collapsed twice.

The first time was in the washroom – thank goodness, the toilet was squeaky clean, almost as pretty as a bedroom. My aunt was there to assist me.

The entrance to Antonio's.

The entrance to Antonio’s.

The second time was in the hall, near the entrance, which also has a very clean floor. We were on our way back from the washroom to our table, when I felt weak and sprawled on the floor with the waitresses and my aunt assisting me. The owner of the restaurant was also there and asked us how we were.

After a drink of juice, I found energy to rise. As I sat at our table, another guest came in. A VIP – basing on the helicopter that landed on the helipad where he came from, followed by an entourage.

The bill was costly, but mom footed the bill 🙂 She said that the food tasted okay, but it was the ambience we paid for.