¬†Crystal Cove TuwaI would have liked to stay longer at Crystal Cove in Boracay, Philippines. It’s a tiny island worth enjoying more.

We took a 15-minute boat ride from Boracay to Crystal Cove. There was an entrance fee of I think 200 pesos to set foot on the island.

The island is small, roughly two hectares, so we were able to walk around the island with our guide and checked every nook and cranny.

Crystal cove cave croppedWe saw the island’s two caves, in which the sea waves flushed into. I had to hold onto a rope – that was attached to a rock in the cave – to keep my tiny self from being flushed out back into the deep sea.

There were picnic areas and viewpoints. Half a day (or less) was actually enough to explore the island.

I wish we stayed longer though – at least enough time to eat lunch and have siesta there. I think a lazy afternoon on Crystal Cove would have been very memorable. Just feeling the sea breeze, seeing my daughter run on the grassy picnic area, enjoying a good grilled fish.

Oh, quiet island life!