Cousin by the pool.

Cousin by the pool.

Ponderosa Leisure Farms in Silang, Cavite is a gated community. To enter, one has to either own a property there – or know somebody who does.

Every time we come home to the Philippines, we visit Ponderosa. It’s almost like part of the pilgrimage back to homeland. And the wonderful part is, the whole family is there, plus the cousins, too.

We often stay half a day and just laze and eat. My daughter loves this place.

There’s a nice swimming area, playground, eating area, picnic area and Japanese- inspired park.

People don’t come in the clubhouse during the weekdays, so that’s when we come, to monopolize the whole swimming area.

My mother plans to stay there in her older years. But right now, she still enjoys our noisy crowded street in Guadalupe. We have many good neighbors in Guadalupe – and that gives a sense of security in itself – even if not is not gated.