WholeBeach, garden, art – we loved these at Amarela Resort in Panglao, Bohol. But I was so scared of the tokay geckos!

We were well taken care of at the hotel, which is set on a slope near the beach, with the views of Bohol Sea. I liked eating at its terrace restaurant. And it has an art gallery showing paintings, sculpture and woodwork by local artists. There’s an infinity pool, huge garden, access to the beach.

The only thing I didn’t like was that there were so many tokay geckos crawling and hanging on the walls – live ones (not wooden wall decors!). I’ve never seen so many in my life – and I respect their right to live – but I don’t like them near me.Pool cropped

We were in Bohol in October 2010. So we were able to see the Chocolate hills and the centuries old Loboc Church, before the devastating earthquake that struck Bohol in October 2013.

Other places and experiences while we were in Bohol:

1. Dolphin watching

2. Ate sea urchins at a sand bar

3. Butterfly Garden

4. Loboc river cruise

Beach cropped5. Tarsier encounter

6. Bohol bee farm

7.Chocolate Hills

8. Firefly river cruise in the night! (This night cruise was exciting because it was dark and quiet in the river. And then we saw fireflies in trees. It was a beautiful sight. Magical. And natural. Alas my night pictures weren’t so successful.)

9. Baclayon Church

10. Loboc Church