Monaco is the world’s smallest country, and the most densely populated. Doesn’t sound so glamorous. But it is a party place for the very rich and famous. It is, after all, a tax haven.

The casino in Monte Carlo Photographer: Marcus Lindström

The casino in Monte Carlo
Photographer: Marcus Lindström

We were not so impressed with the place, though. Tall buildings by the shore, Ferraris and Lamborghinis driving by, ladies armed with luxury bags, that’s my memory of Grace’s Monaco. But of course we were glad to have seen place. I’ve longed to see it since the film Madagascar 3. 

What I like most in Monte Carlo is the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the official residence of the successor Prince Albert II, son of Prince Rainer and the legendary Grace Kelly. The royal family here is the Grimaldi family who has been around since the 13th century and built the famous Monte Carlo Casino, which became source of the family’s great wealth, I’ve heard.

The view from the palace area is nice, and there is a nice shady playground overlooking the city.

Funny stories:

In front of the casino

In front of the casino

1. It was Good Friday 2014 when we came to Monte Carlo. I saw a beautiful building and said: – There’s a church! Let’s go and light a candle to remember Good Friday.” The church turned out to be the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

2. People were flocking like crazy in front of the casino, taking shots. I was bewildered. What were people going gaga about? Celebrities? It turned out, there were red ferraris and lamborghinis parked prettily in a row.

We were in Monte Carlo in April, a month before Formula One, and the city was bustling with preparations for the international event. Sports cars were driving in slow pace, with engines loudly roaring. We found out that the cheapest seats cost 500 Euro. The most expensive at around 1500 Euro.

Monaco Marcus Style Tuwa

The grand hotel

The grand hotel

Monaco hamn

Preparing tracks for Formula 1