Sand bar cropped

The sandbar

Tuwa was two years old when she saw dolphins swimming in the sea for the first time. We were in Bohol.

It was a wonderful sight, to watch dolphins swim. It was worth waking up at dawn for and traveling two hours by a small boat.

I am far sighted, so I was also quite good at spotting them from a distance and yelling to our boatmen: “Dolphins!” and pointing my whole arm to the direction, so we could follow them.

Boating and waiting for dolphins to appear.

Boating and waiting for dolphins to appear.

People say that kids can hardly remember trips, ergo no sense in tagging them along. But Tuwa remembers this trip even now. She wants to come back to Bohol.

After whale watching, we went to a long and narrow sandbar, or shoal – right in the middle of the sea – and ate sea urchins raw, before traveling another two hours to get back to our hotel, Amarela resort. Here’s my blog link to Amarela resort.