At the helmet diving site, while waitiing for hubby's turn.

At the helmet dicving site, while waitiing for hubby’s turn.

Helmet diving is walking on the ocean floor, around ten feet below water surface.

I tried scuba diving once, and I am not a fan. So I didn’t try helmet diving. Hubby did. He didn’t need a wet suit, all he had to put on was a helmet with a long hose that is attached to an air compressor. The helmet was heavy. But then it felt a little lighter under water, and hubby was entertained seeing fishes swimming around him – for 15 minutes. That was how long helmet diving was.

To helmet dive, we had to take a boat ride to the diving site.

Was it worth it? Hubby said it was ok to try, but he would not do it again.

There are many pictures of helmet diving under water in the internet. The picture above is a picture of how it looked from our standpoint on the boat Рas we saw hubby walking on the ocean floor.