Beach behI burned for the fire dancers on the island Boracay in the Philippines. 

But ironically, prior to the show, I actually underestimated them. Something like: it didn’t matter if I saw the fire dance show or not. But it mattered, after what I saw!

These dancers were not just “Oh, look at me, I’m sexy”. I mean, Philippines is unfortunately known for that kind of sexy shows.

But these dancers that we saw were not that type of performers. They danced – not to seduce – but to impress. They danced seriously, professionally, and with fire. As the numbers got harder, I was almost praying that they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

Lobsters behAnd what a stage. It was on the beach, under the stars. with the waves in the background.

Nightlife on Boracay is wonderful.

Restaurants lined the beach, we ate and drank al fresco, with the moon and skies as our ceiling and the sand as our floor. And how the lobsters tempted us!