We lived one week on December 2014 in Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon.

It was a charming borrowed time in Alfama. It has many historical attractions, churches and Fado bars.

Beh neighborhood 2

Alfama is a maze of narrow cobbled alleys with buildings covered with azulejos.  It’s easy and at the same time enjoyable getting lost in it. From balconies flapped bed sheets, towels and clothes, even underwear. It has several viewpoints with orange cityscape. In some streets came century-old trams screeching by.

Beh neighborhood 4

A long time ago, when the North African moors dominated the district, fishermen and the poor inhabited Alfama. Even now, it is still seen as the neighborhood of the poor.

Beh neighborhood church 2

Igreja de São Vicente

One evening, as we did our grocery at the neighborhood store, a fight ensued between two drunken men. One of the men took refuge in the grocery store. There were shouting and threats, and the whole street seemed to be involved. Neighbors went out to check what was going on and stayed outside to witness more boxing match. I would’ve loved to stay, but my six-yead old daughter had to sleep.

It sort of reminded me of street fights and neighborhood drama in my own hometown, Guadalupe Nuevo in Makati, Philippines. And believe me, no street fight has ever scared me. 🙂

Beh neighborhood fish

Ray for lunch, anyone?

Beh neighborhood orange

Pick your orange!

 So what historica sights are there in this district?

Sé Cathedral

Igreja de São Vicente de Fora or Monastery of São Vicente de Fora

Panteão Nacional or National Pantheon or Church of Santa Engracia

Museo de Fado

Castelo de São Jorge

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Alfama at night.

Alfama at night.