Sé is the oldest church in Lisbon.

Construction started in the early 1100’s  and it was built on the site of a mosque in Alfama, Lisbon.

Portugal, after the domination of the Visigoths, was conquered by North African moors for around four centuries (from 8th-12th century). From the 13th century, it was conquered by Catholics.

The cathedral has seen many baptisms and marriages of the nobility of Portugal. It has also survived many earhquakes. ( Check this link that I read…)

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Gothic sarcophagus of a medieval princess, Santa Ana. There are several sarcophagi in the cathedral.

Besides seeing the cathedral, we also took a look at the cloister at the rear.

There was an ongoing archaelogical excavation there when we visited in December 2014. The excavation has unearthed Roman streets dating back to the first century. We learned that Roman occupation in Portugal took place around that time.