I couldn’t help it. When I saw the priest in black robe, I had to ask which order of priesthood he came from. And if I could have a picture with him.

Beh Church Anthony

Church of Saint Anthony

He is a Franciscan, and works for the catholic church of Saint Anthony, which was opposite the street from Sé Cathedral in Lisbon, where I saw him along with a singing choir.

Franciscans from what I remember are the merry monks, singing as they travelled.

I remember the film/song “Brother Sun and Sister Moon” (1972), a biopic of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. The wealthy young man who was tormented by his selfish and worldly existence and decided to renounce his wealth and nobility to become a monk.

The Franciscan priest I saw in Lisbon worked at the church Saint Anthony near Alfama neighborhood.

The church is built on the site of the house where Saint Anthony of Padua was born. It is also a national monument.