There are many Fado bars in Alfama. Some fado shows can last an hour, or two. Fado shows normally start at 8pm.

The thing is, we have a six-year old kid, who might feel sleepy after dinner, so we chose a bar where one can just come and go. And no need for reservation. Luckily,we found one near where we stayed. 

We came around 7:45 pm. and got lucky and got the last seats. Others who came after us had to queue and wait. We stayed until dessert was over.

Fado is a music genre that goes back to the 1820’s in Portugal, probably earlier. The fado we heard was mournful, as we guessed by the sadness in the fadistas’ faces and the tunes. We didn’t understand the song, since it was in Portuguese.

According to my favorite source, Wikipedia 🙂 Fado is mostly about the life of the poor. I wonder, is that the reason why Fado bars abound in Alfama, which is known to be a district of the poor? Albeit a very charming district, if you ask me.

Amalia Rodrigues (1920-1999) was the so-called queen of fado.