For the first time in our traveling experience, we rented an apartment when we stayed a week in Lisbon.

We checked Trip Advisory and found Pedro’s apartment.

Narrow staircase

Narrow staircase

Pedro started as a landlord a couple of years ago with just one unit, now he has six. He owns some, and leases some.

The place we got in the old district of Alfama is a studio apartment that is around 30 square meters, all right for the three of us. It is also newly-renovated. Houses in Alfama are old.

It is walking distance to several historical sights.

Beh apartment

Our studio apartment in Lisbon.

The only problem was that it was too cold inside the apartment when we lived there in December 2014, on one of the coldest decembers in Lisbon’s history, and the apartment didn’t have a heater.

Pedro had insight about the problem and bought a heater after we left.



A Fado bar is a neighbor. We didn't go there, though.

A Fado bar is a neighbor. We didn’t go there, though.

In Lisbon, we washed clothes in the washing machine and dried them in the balcony. Our clothes were hardly dry by the time we came home in the evening.

The garbage disposal is different from what I am used to in Sweden. We had to go down and place our garbage bags outside the building every evening after 9pm, because garbage collectors pick them up around midnight. But it seems like people forget and leave their bags late. Many bags still remain outside buildings during the day.

We lived at 53 Vinho na Morgadinha, on the 2nd floor - the balcony with the white bedsheet.

We lived at 53 Vinho na Morgadinha, on the 2nd floor – the balcony with the white bedsheet.

Our weeklong Portugal trip cost 13 000 Swedish crowns for  airfare and accommodation for three people. (It cost around 4000 crowns to rent an apartment and 9000 for the flight).