Beh Estrela 2It was a tough day when we decided to take Tram 28 and hop off at Estrela. 

We walked to Martim Moniz to get to the start station and get good seats in Tram 28. Alas, there was a long queue, and the trams didn’t come often after 11 am.

We waited an hour until we were able to board the tram. It was tough, passengers were packed like a can of sardines. Luckily, we were able to get some seats.

To make the most of sitting down in the tram, we decided to ride all the way to the last station in Estrela.

Beh Estrela 3But Estrela was boring, as we soon found out, especially because it rained. We didn’t enjoy the park (because it rained), and we couldn’t get in the basilica. So we took a walk down towards an interesting restaurant we read about, Cafe de São Bento, but it was closed that sunday. To make things worse, most restaurants were closed that noontime.

We took a walk, enjoyed seeing building facades and happened to see a temple-like building – where Portugal’s parliament makes its home. It’s closed to the public though.