Lanterns, something like the flying lanterns in the animated film "Tangled".

Lanterns, something like the flying lanterns in the animated film “Tangled”.

My sister and her hubby broke the Filipino wedding tradition by wearing black.

Some relatives were against it. Nobody wears a “mournful” black on their wedding day, according to some relatives.

But my sister and her hubby are never really into minding what people say, be it relatives or not.

Her entrance was dramatic. She hid herself well, nobody knew where she was until it was time for her to walk down the aisle.

In the chapel

In the chapel

It was a shock for some guests to see her in what must absolutely not be worn, a black wedding gown.

My brother-in-law matched his black suit with her gown. They looked elegant. My sister’s huge black gown was a creation of a New York-based designer.

The female members of the entourage wore different happy colors: yellow, torquoise, purple and pink, while the male members wore gray. The ladies’ gowns were designed by established Filipino designer Ching Santos.

My sister and her hubby planned everything from the garden reception, to the wedding in the chapel until the party. A coordinator took over and assisted on the day of the wedding.

They hired an american harp player.

They hired an american harp player, Holly Paraiso.

My daughter was a flower girl, but because she was shy, hubby and I had to carry her through the aisle. It was sweet. 🙂

I remember crying because I was touched by my brother-in-law’s speech, to love my sister to infinity and beyond.

I also cried when it was my sister’s turn to profess her love. She is the “cold” type, not really good at showing and saying her feelings.

So then we understood how much he really meant for her. He meant the world for her.

Entrance to the party hall.

Entrance to the party hall.

After the wedding ceremony, it was time to party. We moved to another reception hall were we had buffet dinner. My sister entered last, and once again, a dramatic entrance with another wedding gown – a pink number.

There were several contests, and I won in one, yahoo! 🙂

My sister had her wedding at Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas, Philippines in January 2012.

I will remember this as her happiest day.

Bhe notes

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