The organ from the late 1800's has 65 parts.

The organ from the late 1800’s has 65 parts.

I will always remember Västerås cathedral because of its churchgoers who are unnervingly immobile and quiet. 

This February 2015, we were back in the cathedral, where there was an ongoing pipe organ concert.

There were many other guests on the pews, enjoying the concert. But I noticed that they were too quiet, hardly moving!

“Let’s take a look around,” said my daughter, who is used to seeing churches as tourist places (Check our trips in Portugal and Spain.)

We started moving around.

Baptismal fountain

Baptismal fountain

We tried to come near the altar, and I could see the sarcophagus at a distance, but I was too afraid to disturb what seemed like a “petrified” state of the church visitors. My daughter and husband also felt nervous. Wewere the only ones moving about. It felt sinful. We had to get out! It felt spooky!

Once outside, my daughter said: “I was so afraid to make the slightest noise.”

We laughed, because that was exactly how we felt, too!