Hollywood chinese

Tourists swarmed the Chinese theater

Hollywood car


Hollywood hill

Smoggy Hollywood district

Hollywood hill 2

Hollywood sign on Mount Lee

Hollywood runner better

2500 brass stars along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Michael Jackson

The home of the late Michael Jackson. I am not showing other homes of celebrities.

Hollywood shopping 3

Beverly Hills at the corner of Rodeo drive

Hollywood street

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood shopping

High-end shopping at Rodeo Drive

Hollywood Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills residential area

For one whole day we visited Hollywood. I expected a glittering city, but it’s not all that. I guess what makes the city glitter is not the place per se, but the movie stars that abound here. Hollywood is the home of the entertainment industry.  

Hollywood is in Los Angeles, the capital of the film industry. It’s also called Tinseltown and represents glamour and extravagant lifestyles. It’s not something that is so obvious, though. I was hoping that considering billionaires abound here, then the whole district would be lifted up.

But of course, only the high-end shopping areas and the residential areas of the stars were glamorous.

Otherwise, it looked quite ordinary, except for the stars on the sidewalks (Hollywood walk of fame) in Hollywood Boulevad. Many buildings were old and unkept.

But at the same time, if the whole place was lifted up to glittering heights, then the not-so-ultrarich residents would be economically evicted. The whole place would be gentrified and the city would be filled with snobs.

Anyway, it was really hot when we were here. And our legs were tired. So we decided to take a celebrity tour. We rode a roofless bus and for two hours rode around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, taking a glimpse of celebrity houses.

 I am not going to show any picture of their homes. Let’s just say they are huge and walled. So it’s pretty much the facade and walls we saw.

Beverly Hills, well it’s not so different from say, the rich walled communities in Metro Manila, such as Forbes Park or Dasmariñas Village.

A word of advice: Don’t take a tour with a roofless bus in the middle of the day. Your skin will roast, mine did. The wind threatened to blow my hat off, so I took it off. And my sunblock didn’t help much.


Sari Manok